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Do what you love for the greater good​

  • Working alongside nurses on the frontlines to help them make their ideas a reality
  • Close the gap between your technical knowledge and what nurses need on the frontline of healthcare?​
  • Transform healthcare
  • Great reason to contribute to an open source project

Advance your skills and/or career?​

  • Hands-on learning of new technologies and tools
  • Working alongside Microsoft technical people on a project

How do I learn more?

Enterprise Developers​:
​Student Developers​:

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No Healthcare experience? No problem!
That’s what the nurses are for (and we’ll have some tech-y health industry people there too)​

Don’t have the skills on the tech and tools the team needs? No problem!
Your background on any tools and tech are likely more than what the nurses bring – and we’ll have some MSFT mentors in a variety of areas there to help you.​

Check with your employer(s)​
Some employers have policies around employees moonlighting and working on open source​

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Many options!

  • Make all the work from the hack to be open sourced so your team as well as others can contribute to the code base​
  • Start a business based on the ideas and work you’ve done in the hackathon! (It’d be rude not to at least invite the rest of your hackathon team!)
  • Or you can simply appreciate the experience and go back to your regular day​ 🙂