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NurseHack4Health is a free, weekend-long virtual hackathon presented by Johnson & Johnson, SONSIEL, Microsoft and dev up for nurses to share and develop their ideas to improve healthcare and strengthen their innovation skills.

This event presents a rare opportunity for nurses, other healthcare professionals, developers, engineers, IT experts and other innovators with diverse ideas and skills to collaborate in real time to develop tech-based, minimally viable products (MVPs) that can help address today’s most pressing healthcare challenges.

While NurseHack4Health is an event held in the spring and fall, it is also a community that supports nurse-led innovation year-long.

We invite you to join us and our ever-growing community of nurse innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our Guiding Principles:

Collaboration & Support
Diversity & Inclusion
Open Innovation for the Greater Good

About the Hackathon:

The NurseHack4Health virtual hackathon will use the MIT open source license, which is one of the most open and popular. It is important that registrants and teams understand that all ideas and artifacts (e.g., code, documentation, etc.) produced during the event will be publicly available on GitHub and open sourced under the MIT license.

Individuals or organizations looking for assistance of any kind on closed source efforts or other copyrighted works may only participate with the understanding that work produced by hackers is open sourced as described previously. (For some, startup accelerators and incubators may be preferred alternatives to our hackathon event.)

About the Organizers:

Johnson & Johnson
dev up